Pay monthly for SIM only offers – Unlimited data and 5G plans (2023)

The best unlimited SIM price compared to our biggest competitors

If you are happy with your phone, SIM Only is a good choice. If you join us from another network you can keep your number and choose from a 1, 12 or 24 month plan. With Go Roam, you can use your baggage allowance at over 70 destinations around the world for a small daily fee.

*Price includes a monthly £5 rebate for paying with a recurring method e.g. B. by direct debit. Each April, your monthly package price increases by an amount up to the December CPI rate published in January of that year, plus 3.9%. A daily roaming charge of £2 applies to unlock your UK shares in Go Roam in Europe destinations and £5 in Go Roam Around the World. Excluding the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man. Fair use guidelines apply.

Best Value Unlimited 24 Month Plans Compared to Our Biggest Competitors (O2, Vodafone & EE)

Prices valid from December 21, 2022

Unlimited SIM card
Three£12 per month for 6 months. £24 per month from 7th month
O2£30 per month with £100 prepaid Mastercard
Vodafone£25 a month
EE£31 a month

Benefits of the SIM plan

Personal hotspot

When you sign up for one of our plans, you can use your entire data allowance as a personal hotspot in the UK.

Unlimited texts

All our plans come with unlimited SMS, so you can send as many text messages as your fingers can type in the UK for one standard price.

Go hiking with us

Three lets you roam in 71 locations around the world — up to 12GB. There is a daily fee to unlock your UK baggage allowance for 24 hours abroad: £2 for Go Roam in Europe and £5 for Go Roam Around the World. Learn more aboutGo hiking.

Control your spending

If you're running out of minutes, you can block outgoing calls so you don't incur additional charges. You can also block calls and texts to numbers that are always outside your free allowance (like 0845 and 118).

Add additional data at any time

Don't worry if you run out of data halfway through the month. You can always buy more in your My3 account, giving you the flexibility you need.

Set usage limits and warnings

Along with our fixed data quotas, our usage alerts for minutes and data ensure you never spend more than planned.

Switch to a new SIM tariff

Do you already have one of our older tariffs? Since your minimum term has expired, you can switch to one of our new tariffs at any time. It's really simple - we simply transfer your new tariff details to your existing SIM card.

Keep your existing number

Are you coming to us from another network? We would love to have you. To keep your own number, text 'PAC' to 65075 to get your code, thenSwitch to three.

Delivery of your SIM card

Sign up today for one of our new tariffs and you will receive your new SIM card within 3 working days.

contract and billing

If you buy a SIM card on our website, you must activate it when you receive it. Your plan will begin once activation is complete. Your first bill will be slightly higher than your usual monthly fee as you will be charged up to nine extra days. This way you can connect as soon as you have your device. After your first bill, it should be back to normal. Then your remaining payments are due on the same date each month until the end of your 12 or 24 month contract.

If you are a student or a business owner, we have exclusive offers for you.
Check out our rangeSIM student discounts onlyorBusiness SIM plans only.

Never stop streaming, gaming and surfing. For no speed limits and truly unlimited data,
Check out our unlimited data plans.

Personal Hotspot lets you use your phone's data allowance to connect your other devices. Pretty handy when you're not near a Wi-Fi connection. With our Essential plans, you cannot use your included data plan to create a Personal Hotspot.

With our Advanced plans you can unlock your UK shares for 24 hours on Go Roam destinations. It costs £2 on Go Roam in Europe and £5 on Go Roam Around the World. The Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man are exempt from the daily roaming charge. OurFair Use Policyapply.

With Personal Hotspot you can use your existing data plan to connect other devices to your phone and go online. Pretty handy when there is no WiFi.

The 5G revolution is upon us. And from launch, all new and existing customers with a 5G-enabled device can join the party. Whether you have a contract, SIM only or PAYG.

Do you have a 5G enabled handset now? Cute. All our SIMs are 5G ready at no additional cost. Obviously, and once 5G is here for you, you can let off steam in the 5G wonder.

You can upgrade your data plan at any time. To enjoy 5G to the fullest and with unlimited speeds, choose an unlimited data plan – so you never run out of data juice.

With a business plan on Three, you can get up to £500 worth of benefits from our partners to support your business. From creating stationery with Moo to closing the accounts with a 6-month FreshBooks subscription, whatever your business needs, we've got you covered.

With our business plans, you can use Go Roam Around the World in 71 destinations at no additional cost. You can also use your phone as a personal hotspot and call customer service from your mobile for free.

Use our Advanced plans in 71 destinations around the world for a low daily fee of £2 for Go Roam in Europe and £5 for Go Roam Around the World.

Our Essential plans save you some money on your contract but miss out on features like Go Roam Around the World and Personal Hotspot Allowance, although you can still use Go Roam in Europe. Limit values ​​and further information -

Comes with Adapt 25 and Adapt 50.

Unlimited minutes, texts and data for your entire team.

So there's no need to overspend, worry about data limits, or doubt how much you're using.

Award-winning business support.

Whatever you need, our experts are here.

  • Award-winning, dedicated business support from our Business Services team.
  • Contact us for technical help and all your account questions.
  • Call directly or chat with the team online.

Three Analyst Standard.

Your online analytics tool with 24/7 access to your mobile usage and spend.

  • Accessible insights into your spend and usage in Three Business, anytime, anywhere.
  • Data exports at a high level. Download them, archive them and keep track of your expenses.
  • Easily digestible, accessible invoice summaries and personalized reports in your inbox.

Upgrade to the Complete service plan at any time. You can get Three Analyst Standard as an add-on to any Three Business account.

Comes with Adapt 75, Adapt 100 and Adapt 250.

Unlimited minutes, texts and data for your entire team.

So there's no need to overspend, worry about data limits, or doubt how much you're using.

The only business plan of its kind with a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Your contact, whatever you need.

  • A business-related, single point of contact for all your account inquiries.
  • You are in control of your requests and can focus on work.
  • Regular account reviews, what you need and how we can help.

Three advanced analysts.

Your online analytics tool with 24/7 access to your entire team's mobile usage and spend.

  • User-level analytics to leverage across your team. The insight to make better decisions.
  • Tailored or preferred reports on your usage and spend straight to your inbox.
  • Unlimited data export. Download all the details and stay in control of your account.

You can get a Customer Success Manager and Three Analyst Advanced as add-ons to any Three Business account.

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