Mar-a-Lago staff makes shocking statement about classified Trump documents - live (2023)

Trump calls Jan. 6 a 'beautiful day' in CNN town hall

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As the race for the Republican Party's 2024 presidential nomination intensifies,donald trumpThe legal woes also continued to mount after a maintenance worker made shocking claims about the handling of classified Mar-a-Lago documents.

The worker recalled helping to move boxes into storage just the day before the DOJ visitMar-a-LagoFind documents, reportNew York Times.

(Video) Trump braces: Legal vets predict indictment as Mar-A-Lago worker spills

The worker didn't know what was in the box at the time.

The timing of the move was said to be questionable, a sign of possible obstructionWashington post, it also reported that there was a "dress rehearsal" for such a move even before the box summons was issued.

That's because Trump's lawyers demand a meeting with the attorney generalMerrick Wreath, the clearest sign yet that a prosecution in the classified documents case may be on the horizon.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump also appeared via videoconference for the second hearing in his criminal hush money case, andJean CarrollFix pending defamation case against former president -- while Ron DeSantis is running in 2024.


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  • Trump staffers removed boxes of documents at Mar-a-Lago a day before DOJ visit, report says
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New Hampshire Republicans switch from DeSantis to Trump after disastrous Twitter post

A New Hampshire representative is switching her allegiance from Ron DeSantis to Donald Trump after Florida's governor announced the launch of a glitch-ridden presidential campaign.

Earlier this month, Rep. Sandra Panek was added to a list of more than 50 Granite State lawmakers who endorsed Florida's governor for president.

"After being underwhelmed by Ron DeSantis' official statement last night, I hereby turn my support to President Donald J. Trump," Ms. Panek said in a statement.

"We can't expect someone to run the country if they can't run their campaigns properly.

"By 2024, the stakes are too high to take a chance on someone as unreliable as DeSantis - we need a proven winner like President Trump to take back the White House and make America great again."

Oliver O'ConnellMay 27, 2023 at 00:15


Wisconsin fake voter trial to begin before 2024 election

Jury trial in one lawsuit seeking $2.4 million in damagesrepublicanwho tried to votethe state of Wisconsin10 electoral votesdonald trumpIn 2020, although he lost, the plan begins two months before the 2024 presidential election.

Dane County Circuit Judge Frank Remington on Wednesday scheduled the trial to begin on Sept. 3, 2024 and last one month.


Trial of fake voters in Wisconsin to begin before 2024 presidential election

A jury is seeking $2.4 million in damages from Republicans seeking to win 10 electoral votes in Wisconsin to Donald Trump in 2020, although he lost, the lawsuit is slated for the 2024 presidential election. start two months ago

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 23:15

(Video) Heat on Trump: Bombshell links Trump to moving classified docs before DOJ search


Trump lawyer's letter to Garland sparks speculation of further prosecutions

a recent letterdonald trumpof lawyers request a meeting with the U.S. Attorney GeneralMerrick Wreathsparked speculationnew indictmentMight be closing in on the former president.


Trump lawyer sparks speculation ex-president could be indicted again

His lawyer claims he has been "unfairly treated" in the investigation related to the discovery of classified documents stashed in his estate

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 22:15


Trump to return to Georgia ahead of possible indictment in 2020 election

Donald Trump will speak at the 2023 Georgia Republican state convention on June 10.

Before the former president returns to the state, a Fulton County grand jury is likely to investigate whether he and others violated the law in trying to overturn his 2020 defeat in the state.

District Attorney Fani Willis said any charges were likely to be filed in August after she first told local law enforcement she intended to announce a charging decision between July 11 and Sept. 1.

She has since written to County Superior Court Chief Judge Ural Granville on Thursday, saying she plans to have most of her staff work remotely for most of the first three weeks of August. Ms. Willis asked the judge not to schedule trials and in-person hearings during that time, which appears to narrow the window.

Any indictments in Trump election probe could come in August, prosecutors say

Atlanta prosecutors are investigating whether then-President Donald Trump and others broke the law in their attempt to overturn his Georgia 2020 election defeat, appearing to suggest a grand jury may indict the case in August

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 21:45


John Durham to testify before House Judiciary Committee, report says

Fox News ReportSpecial Counsel John Durham will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on his report to the FBI and Justice Department on his handling of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

Sources told the network that a hearing will take place on Wednesday, June 21.

On Tuesdays of that week, Mr Durham will appear at a closed-door briefing of the House Intelligence Committee.

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 21:15

(Video) Why did Trump take classified docs to Mar-a-Lago? See Haberman's answer


Fox News announces Trump town hall

Fox News announced a June 1 town hall meeting with Donald Trump — the former president’s second since entering the 2024 campaign.

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 20:45


GOP 2024 district set to expand as North Dakota governor enters race, AP reports

two semestersNorth DakotaFormer computer software entrepreneur Gov. Doug Bulgum is running for the Republican presidential nomination, a political aide familiar with the plans told The Associated Press on Friday, putting him in a crowded field already dominated by former presidentsdonald trump,

Burgum plans to launch his campaign at an event on June 7, the aide said.fargo, the largest city in North Dakota. The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because the incident has not been made public.


Support: North Dakota Gov. Burgum's bid for Republican presidential nomination

Two-term North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is running for the Republican nomination for president, a political aide familiar with the plans said.

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 20:15


Club for Growth ad hits Trump on Social Security

The Growth Club, a conservative advocacy group, attacked Donald Trump's Social Security program in an ad released Thursday.

"Trump's social security plan is not a practice swing," says the voiceover, along with footage of the former president golfing. "His plan, like Joe Biden's, would automatically cut benefits for seniors by 23% over 10 years or less, putting your retirement in a bind."

"For Donald Trump, it's a matter of course," it continued. "If Trump's plan drains 23% of their savings, another plan will rip people out of their income, people who work for it and don't get paid. Tell Donald Trump, stop cheating seniors."

The golf theme of the ad is set for this weekend's LIV Golf Tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C.

look down:

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 19:45


WATCH: Trump on possible DeSantis debate 'unless it's close, why would anyone have one'

Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 19:34

(Video) Trump was warned he could not keep classified documents: report

Forbes CEO doesn't think 2024 GOP nominee will face Biden

Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes told Jacqui Heinrich this morning on Fox News that he doesn't think Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2024 based on new polls on the economy.

Asked who he thought could step in, Mr. Forbes said he thought a repeat of 2020 was likely, and Democrats could turn to California's governor for fear of Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee. Instead, Vin Newsom, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer or Vice President Kamala would be Harris.


Oliver O'ConnellMay 26, 2023 at 19:15




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