Granite Countertops in Chantilly, VA (2023)

In certain cultures, food, cooking and culinary habits are central to family and social life. And in some homes, the kitchen is becoming a place where a lot happens: not only eating and dinner parties, but also cooking, baking and much more. Therefore, you should always feel comfortable in this space and make it your own as much as possible. And for that, there is nothing better than choosing the right material for your kitchen and having a great installation:Sky Marble wants to make sure you make the right decision!

Countertops come in endless shapes, colors and styles: there really are a million possibilities and not a chance to get bored. The options in the current market make it really difficult for us customers to just pick one and stick with it. Or is it just me?

For practical and aesthetic reasons, granite is still the number one choice for kitchen worktops - and not just for them! You've probably seen beautiful and shinygranite countertopsin some kitchens/environments, but have you ever wondered why this material is so ingrained in kitchen design?

There are many reasons why homeowners buy granite countertops in Chantilly VA?

  • Granite is a very tough material, much more so than most other common countertop materials, and is resistant to scratches and knife cuts, which can come in handy in a kitchen surface.
  • it's also heat resistant, so hot pots and pans won't add to your concerns,
  • When sealed, it will not absorb stains or liquids, making it waterproof and well cared for for years.

And that doesn't even scratch the surface - pun intended - of what a great material granite is: aside from being a functional and practical idea for countertops, it's also stunning when implemented into your space. The variety of colors it comes in is huge, and some of them can contribute to your space in different ways, such as making it look much larger than it actually is, or lighter and more airy. Honestly, those are two great qualities to definitely look for in your space!

– How do you choose the perfect color for your kitchen?

You might ask, and you would be right about what color would work best for your space. You can also read our previous onesArticle here >> READ

Granite comes in an endless list of equally beautiful colors, and to help you combat that overwhelming sense of the immensity of choice, here I come to the rescue. I will now introduce you to some types and colors of granite and which kitchen style you should combine with it:


This beautiful stone can be used as a finish for a more modern kitchen. White cabinets, an undermount sink and matte black hardware combine with the beautiful pattern of this material to create an eye-catching color scheme.

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Picture Credits |Karen Biwersiand designer point of view

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You will find this material paired with many kitchen styles, from contemporary to modern. This stone can be paired with a variety of cabinet colors so you don't have to worry about color matching at all! If you have a black cabinet or prefer wood tones, this finish will help you create a very interesting contrast in your space!

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photo creditKathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC


Alaska White pairs perfectly with white cabinets and dark hardware. It can be used in both more traditional and modern kitchens, depending on which one you prefer and which one you choose.

Interested? We love it!

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Picture Credits |Sky Marble and Granite, INC


This beautiful dark stone can be found in farmhouse kitchens and minimalist kitchens. You can achieve a wonderful result with stainless steel appliances and white cabinets.

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Picture Credits |Paul Moon-Design


This earth-toned stone will complement your traditional kitchen beautifully and looks even prettier when paired with stainless steel appliances. Create an amazing color scheme with earth tone or white toned furniture!

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Picture Credits |Nicholson builders


Have you chosen yours yet? You can find a variety of other stonesHereand if you want more information, you can request a quote for your home! What are you waiting for?

  • What should be considered/expected when choosing granite instead of other stones?

Pretty is amazing, but when remodeling a delicate area like the kitchen, the first thing to consider is the durability of the material. Find the perfect compromise between gorgeous and rock hard!

Long-term thinking is a good friend when remodeling or building, considering you won't be doing it again soon enough, and it's better to spend a little more in the beginning than go to the trouble of changing that room a year later or redesign year.

When you buy granite, you can expect a durable material: something you'll want to hold on to. Granite is extremely durable and lasts (almost) forever with good care and treatment!

And since our eyes naturally need a treat too, the colors and styles it appears in become extremely important. We promise there's enough for everyone and so many variations to make your head spin, but let's fall in love with your favorite and get started on your new kitchen!

And in case you're wonderingWhere do all these shades and variations come from?it really depends on the combination of minerals in the stone. Some contain more potassium than others, giving them a salmon-colored hue, while others are whiter and clearer in hue.

But let's talk numbers. Another thing to keep in mind is the price: you don't want to overdo it and sacrifice your basic needs. Well, great news here: granite is reasonably affordable! Of course, the final price really depends on the quality of your stone, but the average price is around $75 per square foot. Not bad at all, right? Think of the final look you will achieve: flawless

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You can check the variety of colorsHere

  • Is it easy to clean?

Yes Yes Yes! A thousand times yes: Granite is easy to care for.

As mentioned above, a well-sealed granite countertop won't absorb liquids or stains, but every once in a while (depending on how often you use your kitchen and how messy you are) you'll want to clean it to make it look shinier !

Things you should absolutely avoidacidic cleaners. Lemon, lime, vinegar... not such a good idea. We strongly advise against using ammonia and bleach: not a good combination for granite.

In fact, all of these products will severely weaken your seal if used too often, and we definitely don't want that to happen.

If you aretreat gentlyYour granite will last longer: we recommend using warm water, washing-up liquid and a cloth. As easy as it comes!

If you follow these guidelines you will have a brand new, flawless and shiny surface. How amazing?

  • tendencies

Granite has been a used surface for years and the trend is definitely not on the downward curve. Many still fall in love with its coloring and use it on countertops around the world!

We have to admit, more than a trend granite is a certainty: you're not the only one to find it in many public places - in countertops, sculptures, sinks and much more! – but adapts to the most diverse people, social classes and styles.

It really doesn't matter what type of kitchen you are planning, you will find a stone color that suits your space and fits your style perfectly, leaving your kitchen looking sleek and immaculate.

Remember that choosing the right countertop is important! Not only does it take up a large part of your space, but it can also be used to transform the environment, make the room appear larger and more elegant, or emphasize other materials. Designers everywhere are finding creative solutions to please the homeowner as two different types of granite are combined together...can you imagine the effect?

If you're worried about the ever-changing trends, just don't! Granite is always "in" and it's a great choice: practical, durable and affordable for most.

Talk to your designer and make sure you love the end result: enjoy your granite!

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  • The town of Chantilly

Located in northern beautiful Virginia, the town of Chantilly is named for an early 18th-century mansion and farm named after an early 18th-century plantationWestmoreland County, Virginia.The name "Chantilly" originated in France with theSchloss Chantilly– Chantilly Castle, about 25 miles north ofParis.

The city of almost twenty-four thousand inhabitants hides great treasures for every taste.

If you enjoy walking/hiking outdoors, Ellanor C. Lawrence Park is a great choice, or if you're planning a Sunday getaway with your family, Frying Pan Farm Park is a great place to see animals and go for a farmhouse tour! If you have a passion for aviation, visit the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, an extremely interesting museum. If you're more of a historian, then we have the perfect solution: check out the Sully Historic Site and learn more about the Civil War! We are waiting for you in Chantilly!

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