Air DeSantis: Private jets and secret donors keep him flying around (2023)


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As Florida's governor jumps across the country to run for president, a Michigan nonprofit pays the bills. It won't say where it got the money from.

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Air DeSantis: Private jets and secret donors keep him flying around (1)

go throughAlexandra BelzonandRebecca Davis O'Brien

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Alexandra Berzon and Rebecca Davis O'Brien examined campaign finance reports, flight-tracking databases and corporate records for this article.

For Ron DeSantis, Sunday, February 19, marked the start of another busy week without an official presidential bid.

He left Tallahassee that night on the Florida hotelier's private jet, headed to Newark, and then met with police in Staten Island on Monday morning. Next, he boarded a twin-engine Bombardier for a speech in suburban Philadelphia, then flew to the Knights of Columbus Hall outside Chicago before returning home to his day job as Florida governor.

This trip and others like it were made possible by the convenience of private air travel — and the abundance of wealthy, in some cases clandestine benefactors footing the bill.

As he prepared for the White House, Mr. DeSantis relied heavily on his wealthy allies to drive him around the country to test his message and raise his profile. Many of those donors were familiar boosters from Florida, some of whom had prior business interests in the state, according to a New York Times review of Mr. DeSantis' travels. Others have been shielded from the public by a new nonprofit, an arrangement that has drawn criticism from ethics experts, The Times found.

Mr. DeSantis, who formally announced his candidacy on Wednesday, is not the first politician to take advantage of the speed and comfort of a Gulfstream jet. Candidates and public officials of both parties have long argued that the benefits of donating planes are worth the political risk to special interests or disconnecting from voters.

But ethics experts say the trip — and the nonprofit’s role in particular — shows how Mr. DeSantis’ long-overhang will allow him to bypass rules designed to prevent donors from exercising covert influence. As a declared federal candidate, he faces stricter requirements for accepting and reporting such donations.


"Voters deserve this information because they have a right to know who is trying to influence their elected officials and whether their leaders are putting the public interest above those of their big-money donors," said Trey Trump, president of the Campaign Legal Center. The Republican who leads the FEC, Fauport said, "Governor DeSantis, whether he intends to run for president or not, should clearly and fully disclose who is providing support for his political efforts."

Representatives for the governor's office and Mr. DeSantis' political operations declined to comment or provide details on who arranged and paid for his flights.

Mr. DeSantis has aggressively followed his state's ethics and campaign finance laws to avoid flying commercially. And he has gone to great lengths to prevent transparency: He recently signed a bill exempting travel records held by law enforcement going back to the beginning of his term, exempting public records requests.

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Mr. DeSantis is still required to report contributions and spending in his campaign finance records, but the new law could prevent law enforcement agencies from releasing more details, such as itineraries, flight information and even a visitor list to the governor's mansion. (Mr. DeSantis said he was working on security concerns.)

In February, Mr. DeSantis traveled to Newark on a jet owned by Jeffrey Soffer, who, according to several lawmakers and lobbyists, Soffer had sought to amend state law to allow him to expand gambling operations to his Miami Beach resort.

The February tour and other trips were arranged by And To The Republic, a Michigan-based nonprofit, according to Tori Sachs, its executive director. The nonprofit started in late January, as Mr. DeSantis began testing the waters across the country, and quickly became a big part of his warm-up campaign. It has organized nearly a dozen speaking engagements featuring governors in at least eight states.

Ms Sacks would not say how much was spent on the flight or who paid for it.

Take advantage of loopholes

It was unclear how Mr. DeSantis would account for travel arranged by the nonprofit without violating state ethics laws. Florida generally prohibits public officials from accepting gifts from lobbyists or people who, like Mr. Soffer, employ lobbyists — unless the gifts are considered political contributions.

But both Ms. Sachs and a person involved in Mr. DeSantis' recent trip said they did not view the trip as a political contribution or gift. The person was not authorized to discuss the matter and requested anonymity. The group's approach "is to provide transportation for special guests," Ms. Sachs said, "in full compliance with the law."

However, Florida's ethics rules leave plenty of loopholes for politicians. For example, under certain circumstances, public officials may accept paid travel to deliver speeches as part of their official duties. The NEC also allows public officials to accept gifts from lobbyists through third-party groups.

Mr. DeSantis, who has spent most of his career in public service since taking office in 2019 and whose net worth was $319,000 last year, has been steadily relying on others to pay for private flights.

His political committee has accepted private jet travel from about 55 wealthy individuals, mostly Florida donors and companies affiliated with them, including heads of oil and gas companies, developers and home builders, and health care and insurance executives, according to a Times analysis of campaign finance records.

Additional travel donations were sent to the Florida Republican Party, which Mr. DeSantis often used as a third-party pass.

Six lobbyists and donors who spoke to The Times said they had become accustomed to receiving calls from the governor’s political aides asking for planes — at least once to get home from out of state at the last minute, most recently to fly to Japan flight.

The trip to Japan, part of an overseas trip by DeSantis to showcase his foreign policy prowess, is believed to be part of the governor's official duties and was organized in part by Enterprise Florida, a public-private business development group. DeSantis' office would not disclose the details. How the payment was made, and would not say how he traveled. Enterprise Florida did not respond to a request for comment.


Mr. DeSantis' office rarely releases information about unofficial events. (In February, when he traveled to four states in one day, his public schedule simply read: “No scheduled events.”) And Mr. DeSantis brushed aside past criticism of his travels. 2019 South Florida Sun-Sentinelsrevealed a previous flightFly to New York on a plane owned by Mr. Soffer. Mr DeSantis said he followed due process.

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"It's all legal, ethical, and there's no problem," he told reporters.

A spokesman for Sofer declined to comment.

warm up activities

Soon after winning re-election in November, the governor turned to building his national image. He began traveling the country, visiting Republican activists, dining with donors, speaking at events and promoting a new book, "The Courage to Liberty: Florida's Blueprint for American Renewal."

Part of his travel expenses were paid for by the Friends of Ron DeSantis, a Florida political committee that endorsed his run for governor and reported its donors. Just last month, the committee had more than $80 million on hand — money that is expected to be diverted to the federal super PACs supporting his presidential bid.

Since November, the committee has received 17 political travel donations from nine donors. They include Maximo Alvarez, an oil and gas distributor, and Morteza Husseini, a Florida homebuilder who has often lent planes to the governor and has become a close ally.

But trips paid for by the nonprofit And To The Republic will not appear on state records.

The group is registered as a social welfare organization under Section 501(c)(4) of the federal tax code, which means its primary activities cannot be related to political activity. Other potential and official presidential candidates have ties to similar groups, often referred to as dark money syndicates because they are not required to disclose their donors.

Ms. Sachs, the nonprofit's founder, said it was formed to promote "national policy solutions that set an agenda for the country," and described Mr. DeSantis as the first elected officials to "collaborate" with the group one. Another official, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, appeared with Mr. DeSantis at the group event in her home state.

To The Republic hosted Mr. DeSantis at events in South Carolina, Nevada and Iowa, all early major primary states. Some of these campaigns have been billed as the "Florida Blueprint," borrowing the title from Mr. DeSantis' book.

The arrangement made it difficult to track Mr. DeSantis' travel and expenses. The Times and other news outlets used a public flight tracker to verify the governor's use of Mr Soffer's plane, first reported bypolitician.

Other trips arranged by the group included stops outside Philadelphia and Chicago on Feb. 20, as well as a journey back to Tallahassee, where Mr. DeSantis was on a plane operated by Orlando developer Charles Whittall. company registration. Mr. Whittle, who donated $25,000 to Mr. DeSantis' political committee in 2021, said he leased his plane through a leasing company and that he did not offer it as a political contribution.

In March, he traveled to Cobb County, Georgia, on a plane owned by an entity linked to the Georgia-based restaurant chain Waffle House. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

Other potential DeSantis rivals have made headlines for their use of private jets. both asgovernor of south carolinaandambassador to the united nations, Nikki Haley has been criticized for flying in a private jet owned by a wealthy South Carolinian.

2020, Associated PressReportDonors have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in private jet travel to Donald J. Trump's fundraising committee. Donors included Ben Pogue, a Texas businessman whose father was later granted a presidential pardon.

Still, Mr. Trump, who owns his own plane, has repeatedly tried to draw attention to Mr. DeSantis' travels, claiming that the private jet was in fact a campaign donation and that "Ron DeSantis is a full-time candidate for president."

Shane Goldmacher and Michael C. Bender contributed to the report. Kitty Bennett and Sheelagh McNeill contributed research.


May 22, 2023


An earlier version of this article incorrectly described Ron DeSantis' career. He's been in public service for nearly his entire career, but not his entire career.

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Alexandra Berzon is a Pulitzer Prize-winning political department investigative reporter focusing on electoral systems and voting. She was previously an investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal, covering the gambling industry and workplace safety. @alexandra bosson

Rebecca Davis O'Brien covers campaign finance and money in the US election. She previously worked at The Wall Street Journal, where she was part of a team that won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. @rebecca dobrien

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